Friday, February 20, 2009

Cetaphil Daily Sunscreen SPF 50

Age, health problems and the meds I use to treat those health problems have taken their toll on my skin. In a nutshell: it's dry, blotchy and extremely sensitive to the sun. So I was thrilled to sample Cetaphil's new facial moisturizer UVA/UVB Defense SPF 50.

Cetaphil is known for products that are easy on the skin, so when I read that this was a serious sunscreen that could also be used as a daily moisturizer, I got all excited.

In reality though, as many products with a high SPF, the lotion left a whitish cast on my skin. And after a couple of days of use, it appeared to be aggravating my skin.


I don't think I'm going toss this. I know when summer comes and I head to the pool or beach with my boys my options for a heavy-duty sunscreen that doesn't cast a ghostly pall on my face or clog my pores are limited, so I'll keep this around knowing I could do worse.

But for my daily moisturizer I'm going to stick with some lighter.

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