Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MBT, the Anti-shoe

I received a pair of MBT shoes early in the fall after having a surgery for a herniated disc. I was intrigued by the shoes because I noticed that they work to build the same muscles I was trying to shore up in physical therapy. As it turns out, I developed new disc problems and the shoes didn't work well because of that. I stopped rehab and had another spinal surgery, but I hope to make these part of my rehab routine soon.

I picked a fun pair of sneaker-type shoes that match my blog, the Walk Pink US. This turned out to be an unfortunate choice because Smartypants, my ten-year-old loves the shoes. But ten-year-old boy + funky pink shoes is not the best combo. He did wear them to Hebrew school one day, but that's a pretty tolerant crowd.

Here's what my boy said about the MBT "hump shoes."

I like the shoes because when you walk with your heel first, they sort of lift you up into the air because of the backwards hump on the bottom. I also like to feel the squishy shape that forms the hump on the bottom of the shoe. When I run in them, I run faster than normal. When I run in them, I feel (I’m not sure exactly how to describe it) a little bit of weight on me and I can just run on the hump of it. I really, really, really want these shoes, but they are way too expensive for me because they would take up five eighths of my bank account. I would really like it if I could have my own boy-colored pair. I especially want to run faster because I am probably the shortest kid in my grade, and the shoes also make me taller because of standing on the hump, which is also good.

There you have it. I'll be back with my adult take when I'm ready for rehab.

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